Please Come Ready to Share Your Opinions About the Issue I Will Tell You About When You Get Here

Please accept this meeting invitation to discuss an issue which affects us all and which I’ll tell you about when you arrive. It’s important that we have an open and honest discussion on matters you’re not aware of. I want everyone to feel comfortable sharing their perspectives, which they will quickly form after the meeting starts.

As background, I’ll refer you to the email that was sent to the management team and that I’ve asked not be shared with anyone. Please review it carefully.

Since these agenda items are very important to our organization, I would like to receive constructive feedback in writing during the meeting. Although I can’t share many details beforehand, I can say that there will be many. Be prepared to discuss suddenly. After the meeting, I’d like to receive your final recommendations in the template that you’ll each create on your own.

Fake memo
Didn’t you read the memo I didn’t send?

I’d also like to ask that everyone participate. For some reason, we’ve developed a culture where some members of our team don’t feel comfortable speaking up. I’d like us to combat that tendency by having everyone practice thinking about things they don’t know exist. If you could also work on formulating your opinion on the basis of shreds of conversation and half-grasped background knowledge, I would be very grateful. Even just developing opinions about nothingness will be appreciated. I am particularly referring to you, Bill, but I promise not to single anyone out.

We’ll start an unspecified number of minutes before the meeting. The room is where it usually is, and we’ll provide the call-in number there.

Thank you posthumously!

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