Tina Fey You Will Love My Blog

I really get the sense you will like my humorous style of words. I have put together many numerous postings that showcase my immense comic potential. It would really be a great help to me and my family if you would click the button that says “Like” and allow me to BIRG. BIRG means “bask in reflected glory” and I use it often because it is so humorous. See by that example what an amusement I am?

This is my amusing face.

I am a great admirer of yours from a long time coming. I have watched your Mark Twain Humor Prize address and come away with the understanding that you had a lengthy career in comedy. Congratulations. It is wonderful that you are able to turn to your charitable work now.

But of course I have seen you on many other old YouTube clips too. I enjoyed watching time segments where you pretended to be a silly Megyn Kelly, and was fascinated to read on Wikipedia about your career-defining turn as a woman talking with Alec Baldwin. I only wish you had more scenes with John Lithgow and Kristen Johnson, who were also very scary on your show.

I read your book “Boss Lady Man” and found that we have many things in common. I saw that you attended the University of Virginia at A, and I too was wait-listed there. Also, like you I am older now and looking for a different line of work, though in my case I am moving into humorism and you are now saving South Sudanese sea turtles. I have read it somewhere that having multiple careers is the “new normal,” so you should not feel so much shame.

"Bossypants" cover.
This book pleased and confused me.

If you have the good sense to follow my logging, know that you will be rewarded with tasty upcoming pieces such as “9 Underused Cat Names” and “Sensible Policies for the Promotion of Fescue.” These are not sponsored post-ups, but if you have any influence with Scott’s fertilizer marketing, you should feel free to use it.

You should also know that I am not a “flash in the pan” trying to “get rich quickly” “with minimal effort.” For example, my blog archives reach back to the beginning of this month, and I have been actively using Twitter many days before that. So as you browse my back logs, keep in mind I have been posting links to them in the Washington Post comment section all the time. I am serious about this and need your help. If you would also be so kind as to retweet the things I have twatted you, that would be very kind. Also please join Twitter.

I do not want to wear out my lack of welcome, so I will stop here for now. I appreciate you allowing me to compose this and send it to you without your prior knowledge or approval. That is another example of your terrific public persona, which I have enjoyed BIRGing many times. If you do not have enough time to review my funny things, then would you mind just telling me what free comment boards you post regularly on? Perhaps you will see one of my links there and find it strangely compellatory.

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