My Short Portfolio of Failed Technology Articles

  • How Does Chapsnat Work?
  • Reddit Is A Thing I Should Look Into
  • This App Will Change How You Think About This App
  • So, Facebook’s Annoying
  • I Bought a Cell Phone. Here’s Why.
  • I Have Learned That Cool People Do Not Call it “The ‘Net”
  • I Don’t Know How To Make Fun of Instagram
  • How to Tell If Your Employer Is Tracking Your Searches of Slang That May Be Sexual
  • Now Everyone Is Listening To Me On The Twitter Page
  • Why Would They Call It Pandora? SHE RELEASED EVIL INTO THE WORLD
  • YouTube Is Less About Me Than I Thought
  • I Look Up “Phubbing” And Was Mildly Disappointed
  • It Was a Great Idea, But No One is Buying Benmoji

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