If You Like Trump, Then We Can’t Be These Things

  1. Friends
  2. Co-workers
  3. Secret lovers
  4. Acquaintances of long standing
  5. Neighbors who know each others’ names
  6. Residents in the same or any similar zip code
  7. Members of a common geographic region
  8. Contributors to a gorgeous tapestry of domestic cultures
  9. Animals occupying adjacent ecological niches
  10. Symbiotic species
  11. Physical systems of the same body
  12. Cooperative microflora
  13. Complementary organelles
  14. Covalent bonds
  15. Quarks joined by the strong nuclear force into a hadron
  16. Generally speaking, any class of emergent phenomena based on chaotic interactions of linked elements exhibiting properties that individual elements do not possess
  17. People