Dalton’s Magazine is a major media empire of significance and good taste. Our mission is to provide you with little pieces of think that sizzle in your brain like uncomfortably acidic juice. We hope you develop an unhealthy and enamel-damaging taste for it.

Dalton’s was founded by its namesake and founder, namely Ben W. Dalton, Ph.D. Dr. Dalton is a world-renowned humorist whose works have appeared in McSweeney’s twice and received a nice note from The New Yorker about its “evident merit.” You can follow Ben around on Twitter @benwdalton, and find him inhabiting Facebook at www.facebook.com/thebenwdalton.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I nominated you for the 3 Day quote challenge! HUZZAH! (throws confetti) Check it out. I enjoyed it, but don’t feel obligated it. It’s just for fun.


    1. Thanks for the invite! Unfortunately, I’m terrible at choosing quotes. I would probably pick the time that Gandhi said “Yes” and Einstein said “Huh?” Basically, I would de-inspire people. Admittedly, it’s a skill. Or perhaps a curse. All I know is what Twain wrote once: “gewgaws and gimcracks.” It’s haunted me ever since.

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